About Me

About Myself:

First of all; Welcome to Luminous Pixels Photography.

I was born in the Netherlands in 1964 and got interested in photography at an early age. I was always fascinated with my parent’s photo books. Most of these photo’s were shot in B&W with the occasional colour photo.

Soon I wanted to start taking photographs myself and somewhere in the 70’s I bought my first camera with my pocket money; a Kodak Instamatic 155X.

Whenever my parents were not looking, I tried to “borrow” their Agfa Clack and later on their Olympus Trip 35.

I really got into photography when I bought my first film slr, a Minolta XG-M, in the beginning of the 80's (1981 if I remember correctly). With hindsight, I wish I had chosen Pentax instead like my best friend did at the time as I would have been able to use the lenses today.

During the 90's I took a break from photography and moved to the United Kingdom where I currently still live.

I regained my interest in photography again in the digital era. I went through several compacts, a bridge camera and in March 2007, I bought the Pentax K10D; and what a revelation that has been.

This is the camera I currently still use. The plan is to add the new Pentax K7 to my collection as and when funds allow.


About photography:

Photography is about capturing those moments in life that otherwise would pass you by and end up as a faint memory. However, this doesn’t mean that all the rules such as composition, exposure etc. don’t matter to me, but rules are also there to be broken every now and again.

To me a good photograph is one that would stop me and look at it if I were to walk past it in a gallery or one that would really grab my attention if I were to see it in a magazine.

Of course, taste is subjective and my taste or vision is not necessarily somebody elses but I do hope that anybody visiting my website will like what they see.






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